Berber girl from Morocco.

I’ve been having a bit of a barney with an extremely racist black American girl who is asserting 100% that all of the Moors were black Africans, and that the only reason white people are in North Africa is because they were enslaved (Barbary Coast slavery, look that one up).Leaving out how hysterically inaccurate this is… she has a vid running showing only pictures of Tuaregs, and claiming that all the real Berbers look just like that. She Also claims that only black people are native to all of the continent of Africa. There are quite a few black Americans who seem to believe this one. It’s wrong.

The word ‘Moor’ originally referred to the people of Mauritania (then Morocco), but it expanded in meaning to include all of the Islamic North coast of Africa. DNA test on the North Africans show them to be mostly of European lineage, and the Arab invasion that converted the North Africans to Islam left surprisingly little genetic trace. Genetically, they are mostly Berber (Amazigh) West of Egypt. The word is from the Greek ‘Maurisi’, not the Roman Mauri, and it’s possibly derived from the Phoenician word for West, Mahur.The rough numbers for the DNA are 12%% Sub Saharan African, 65% plus European derived Berber lineages, and the rest is a mix of west Asian DNA.The presence of the modern humans goes back to the Ibero-Maurusian culture, that spread across North Africa and up into the Iberian Peninsula, it’s dated about 22-9k ago, when it gets replaced by the Capsian culture. All the comparisons of teeth and skull show them to be essentially Cro-Magnon Caucasoid (ish), the same as the modern Euro-DNA Berbers. Basically, the Caucasoid folks were on the North African coast first, and were joined about 11k ago by the Sub Saharan Africans when the Sahara entered one of it’s pluvial phases. Some images of Tuareg, and their area, a nomadic folk.The image above is a standard North African Berber.



A very complete page on Berbers.

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