European colouring.

I’m serious, as yet no theory adequately explains why Europeans have six out of the eight mutations for hair colour (the others are classic black and Australoid blond).They all seem to have mutated about the same time, between six and twelve thousand years ago, and the same goes for our abnormally pale skin gene. These mutations all seem to centre on one part of Northern Europe, and the mutations coincide roughly with the flooding of the North sea lowlands, if you believe the DNA dates.
map of the world showing the distributiion of human skin color in about 1500 A.D.--darker skin colors are found mostly between 20 degrees north and south of the equator
Looking at this skin colour map, I can’t help wondering of the darker skin of the native Americans in places marks where they had Australoid blood in them, along the Pacific coast mainly. The now extinct Pericues of Baja California were described as being black looking, and their skulls have a very Australoid shape to them.You can also see a roughly diamond shaped section that follows the course of the Nile, where Africans moved North, and Caucasians moved South, making an intermediate skin tone zone, that ends at Nubia, by the look of it. Its quite remarkable how common the belief is that all the hair and eye colour mutations originated in Africa. You’ll often see pictures of blond Melanesians and Aborigines as ‘proof’, and of albino Africans too. The mutations for the European hair, skin and eye colours are all just that, European in origin.
The Australoid blond gene is never seen in Africans, or Europeans. In fact, Australoids are the people and the planet the least closely related to Africans of all. Europeans are black Africans closest genetic relatives. All the colour mutations arose well after the exodus from Africa. If it had happened before, you’d see these hair, skin and eye colours at the same frequency all over the world, but as you can see from the map, that’s not the case. I feel I should just say that the mutation that causes European pale skin is not the same mutation that causes albinism in black Africans, even though the result can look similar.There must be some reason that the European and East Asian populations didn’t just run with the pre-existing albino genes that are found in Africans. I wonder what the problem was with it.
The light skin of these children is cased by different mutations.

This albino Nigerian girl has light skin too, and you can see the beginnings of skin cancer on her face. That’s the reason light skin never evolved in Africa.

Phenotype variations that evolved outside of Africa…
Any eye colour other than dark brown.
Any hair colour other than black.
Straight hair (seen in East Africa due to Arab blood of up to 40%).
Lighter skin, seen in Europeans and East Asians

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  1. Now everything makes more sense to me. Thanks for this article. Sure explains alot, esp. the Aboriginals of Australia and some South and Central Indians

  2. Hi Mathilda – the Pericues tribe can be related to these people, which were found in Serra da Capivara, Brazil, by Dr. W.Neves and his team. Since some decades they found in NE-Brazil area over 100 skulls, which look like the skulls of the Aborigin-Melanesian race.
    Many years I search and read about these early hunters and gatherers in South America, who lived at the end of the last iceage.
    I personally think, they were able to cross the Pacific Ocean by their watercrafts, from the Melanesian islands to the subtropical or tropical American westcoast.
    At first, we know, these people were able to cross the sea from Indonesia to Australia – during the iceage, as the sealevel was by 100 meters deeper as today. It was a trip for a couple of days to reach the northcoast of Australia around 60.000 years ago. (Rob Bednarik crossed the Timor strait by such a watercraft).
    These people were able to cross the open sea. The first humans populated the Melanesian islands around 30 – 40.000 years ago.
    I can imagine, always they were looking for new land and hunting ground, they lived at the coast since hundrets of generations, they must had experiences with the open sea.
    A bit north of the equator line, but still in the tropical zone, we have the westwind drift – this can be the reason, why they were able to cross the Pacific. Most of the scientists claim, these black hunters went along the coasts – up to the north – along the Aleut islands, along the westcoast of America till to the south of America.
    Always these people lived in tropical conditions, therefore they had no experiences with the sub-arctic sea. This journey would need to long time.
    Some scientists crossed the Pacific in stoneage watercrafts – like Thor Heyerthal. He wrote in his book. Fish jumped on deck – we didn`t need to fish. Every morning we found all kinds of seafood on deck, it jumped on deck by night. Freshwater we got by the daily rain, especially in the tropical zone.

    These people, the Melanesians lived at the cost since tenthousends of years – populated islands since many generations. I think, these people were actually able to cross such a sea like the Pacific Ocean – probably by accident. Storms, wind, currents – like the westwind drift can bring such a watercraft to the American westcoast in some weeks only.
    In northern Australia specialists found rockpaintings of stoneage watercrafts – these paintings are the oldest images of boats – they dated it back to 20-30.000 years.
    The big problem is, the coast was 100 meters deeper as today – therefore it is hard to find evidences of such stoneage watercrafts. But they were actually able to cross the open sea – because the oldest human remains in Australia are around 60.000 years old.
    To populate Australia was just possible by crossing the open sea – from Timor to Australia.
    It would be very interesting, if the Brazilian scientists can isolate the DNA profile of these oldest skulls from Serra da Capivara someday. Maybe they are actually related to the Pericues.
    …and 18.000 years ago the Solutrean iceage hunters from Western Europe went along the packice edge by boat – and reached the eastcoast of North America. This is amazing – but this is actually proofed. They were probably the first humans at the eastcoast.
    Peter Vienna

  3. The first Homo sapiens populated Europe around 40.000 years ago – they were black in Eastern Africa. On their journey from East Africa to the Mediterranean – through Israel – along Anatolia – and the Balkan – their skin became brighter and brighter – after some thousends of years they were complete white.
    They needed for such journeys many thousends of years. They were staying at the Nile River for some generations – or in Israel for some generations…and so on. After many thousends of years they came to Central and West Europe and they looked different as their ancestors in East Africa.

  4. Peter G you r wrong . Australoid able to cross Berring strait. And live in cold climate in Arctic.
    As proof is Ainu. Pure blooded Ainu looks like Australoid. their skin are very dark than Japs.
    Many of them have wavy and kinky hair. from this reasons , of course Ainu is descendant of Australoid. Australoid is ancestor of Ainu. Because cold climate influence, they have high bridge nose. Some of them have broad nose.
    Of course Kenewickman is Ainu too.

  5. Hi Kambinkkpart – at first we have to go back in time, around 20.000 years ago. Ainu people appeared 5.000 years ago. But the oldest remains of black people in the Americas are 12.000-14.000 years old. The time doesn`t fit.
    The Kennwick man belonged to the Caucasiod race, like the Ainu and they had nothing to do with the negroid race. Caucasoids have a nerrow skull, nose and a beard (Like Europeans Arabians). They don`t belong to the negroid race, like the Melanesians or Australoids.
    Last year scientists found out something new. Around 15.000 years ago the mongolian race lived in Siberia only, since thousends of years. During the ice age Siberia and the Bering Street was a windy area without snow, this steppe was a great hunting ground. Around 12.000 years ago the climate began to change, it became warmer, the glacial periode ended slowly. A warmer climate means also more snow and more rain, more percipitation. The problem of the Mongolian hunters and gatherers was, their ice age steppe was covered with snow now. Northern Siberia got more snow, this was the reason, why the Mongolian race had to go – some went to Eastern Asia and some crossed the Bering Street to Alaska and some of them became Inuits.
    During the Ice Age black people lived in Eastern- and SE-Asia. But the Mongolian race ousted the black to the south.
    Maybe some groups of these black people crossed the Beringstreet, probably by boat along the coastline of Beringia to Alaska and along the Westcoast to the south of America.
    Of course, crossing the Pacific by watercrafts is a controversial theory. On the other hand, it was not a big thing for them 20.000 years ago, they created watercrafts to travel from island to island – this happend in the Melanesian area.
    Paleo-Meteorologists found out, the sea currents were stronger and faster during the ice age. The sealevel was over 100 meters deeper, that means, they had more islands as we have nowadays – and stronger currents.
    This happend around 20.000 years ago – and whatever the circumstances during the ice age were, a group of black people (related to the Australoids) arrived in South America 15.000 years ago. The oldest skulls of black people are around 14.000 years – the oldest stone tools are even 17.000 years old
    Scientists try to get the DNA from these old skulls. This will show us, who these early black hunters actually are – and maybe we can figure out, which way they took to the Americas.

  6. Who describes the Pericues as being black looking?

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