The Berbers.

A dull video but it has some good images of the Berber bride market. The people are mostly of Mediterranean Caucasian ancestry

Link to Tunisian archeological site and a DNA study

Why the obsession with Berbers?

It’s not to do with (untrue) Afrocentrist claims that black Africans built Carthage, although that is bloody irritating. It’s that it’s odd to find an essentially European people living in Africa, and also, the way they spread out up into Iberia, and even have a haplotype connection (type X) with the Sami and native Americans.

To keep a record of my research… the Cro-Magnon people spread out along the coast of North Africa from South Eastern Europe, picking up the Y chromosome Eb31 at the Nile, but mostly with the mitochondrial DNA type U from Europe. The E3b1 haplotype probable originated in the Halfan culture in Nubia, so the father of this line was probably a black Nilotic African. The Halfan culture is thought ot be the parent of the Ibero-Maurusian culture that settled along the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and up into Iberia.

Some DNA facts ..

Bosch et al, found little genetic distinction between Arabic-speaking and Berber-speaking populations in North Africa, which they take to support the interpretation of the Arabization of northwestern Africa, starting with word-borrowing during the 7th century A.D. and through State Arabic Language Officialisation post independence in 1962, as cultural phenomena without extensive genetic replacement. According to this study the historical origins of the NW African yY chromosome pool may be summarized as follows: 75% NW African upper paleolithoc (M78, M35, and M81), 13% Neolithic (J1-M267 and J2-M172), 4% historic European gene flow and 8% recent sub Saharan African. They identify the “75% NW African Upper Paleolithic” component as “an Upper Paleolithic colonization that probably had its origin in Eastern Africa (probably Halfan).

The remains of the Ibero-Maurusian people were all Cro Magnons, and slightly more robust and thick skulled than modern humans, the ancestors of Caucasians but not Africans. The teeth are very different to modern Africans, but within the normal range for Europeans. They settled the North African coast About 22,000 years ago, when the last glacial maximum (LGM) peaked, and a Mt haplotype specific to Berbers formed, U6.

Some time about 20, 000 years ago, Mt DNA type X made it across the Atlantic to America, although you’ll see this going across Asia on the maps. This is basically…impossible, and it’s a PC act of denial to claim that Cro-Magnons never got there first. The haplotype X is only present on the East coast of America, and it’s only possible parents are on the West coast of Europe and Africa. You do the maths.

In time, the Sahara turned to savannah, and black Africans moved up to meet the IM Cro-Magnons at the coast, about 12,000 years ago. About this point the IM people must have mixed a little with the newcomers, as their teeth alter slightly, to reach the norm for North Africa, and their bodies become a little more gracile. The new Capsian culture forms inland, and slowly takes over the whole region. This is probably the point at which North Africans picked up their 25% black African DNA. There are cave paintings from Libya dating to this era, showing a mix of black, red haired and fair headed people, and Africa’s oldest deliberate mummy was laid to rest at Uan Muhuggiag, a 30 month old black boy.




About 4,000BC the Sahara dried out again, forcing the Northern And Sub Saharan people apart, causing agriculture to be a necessity at the Nile to support the refugees from the desert. Prior to this, only pastoralism was known in Africa.

Sometime BC, the Berbers made it to the Canary islands, and became the Guanches, who were sadly wiped out by the arrival of the Spanish. They were described as a tall, hansdome fair haired people, and they built small stone pyraminds and mummified their dead.

There you go, the pre-history of the Berbers in brief.


2 responses to “The Berbers.

  1. Herbert J. Battise, Jr

    Great site very informative

  2. I understand you
    I have also heard many Black American Afro-Centrists saying Berbers are mixed and not Caucasoid. I didn’t take them seriously , because my own mother is an Algerian Arab and my father of Sephardic origins , so I actually have seen a lot of Berbers when I went several times in summer in Algeria , I also , here in my city , have several Berber friends (Two of them , two girls , are light haired with green eyes ).
    I would say that 90 % of modern day Berbers fall into the Caucasoid category.
    10% other are mixed and live mostly in the southern part (such as Tuaregs in Algeria or Sahrawi in Morocco , but even them , they still have a % of very Caucasoid looking people).

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