It’s amazing how some vegetarians believe the myth that humans aren’t adapted to eat meat. A little research on line has uncovered quite a few research articles that comment on how the pre Homo hominids like Australopithecus ate meat, judging by their teeth and the isotopes in their bones. This means hominids were eating meat 4.5 million years ago, plus. And before that they were insectivorous. Kind of blows the ‘unnatural aberration’ concept of meat eating out of the water. They really shouldn’t accept what some vegan Guru says in their veggie ‘bible’. Even a couple of minutes research shows most veggie claims to be baloney. Yumm, baloney.

And they still keep insisting that other primates are herbivores, even in the face of that footage of the Gombe chimps hunting down that colobus monkey, and ripping it apart, just before they all ate it. The only large primate that hasn’t been observed eating some kind of animal protein is the orangutan.

The only part of their argument (other than ethics) that holds water is the claim that meat is contaminated by BSE, steroids, antibiotics and so on. which is fair enough. Also, grain fed meat is low in omega three oils and high in omega six oils, which is not good. Wild and grass fed meat, however, has the correct ratio of O3 to O6, a lot like fish. Maybe I should take up bunny hunting. The fields over the back are swarming with the damn things.

Something about vegetarians really pushes my ‘troll’ button.


One response to “Vegetarians.

  1. Vegetarians in my part of the world (India) are vegetarian not because it is unnatural to eat meat. But, because they believe in ahimsa (non-violence). Particularly, they don’t want to harm the most sentient of living things that has an advanced enough nervous system to experience pain and suffering. It is ancient tradition stretching back at least 3500 years to the early Vedic period.

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