A mixer post.

I just gave up on a ‘discussion’ on youtube over the race of the ancient Egyptians. He’s posted a few dozen rambling ranty ‘replies’. As is the way with fanatics, if you actually come up with a piece of hard evidence that shows they are wrong, the just blast past the issue and don’ t mention it. Ramses II was a white dude with red hair. The guy insisted that Africans have red hair (they don’t) and blonds (only from Caucasian mixing). He was also a ‘one drop’-er. One of those angry young black men. A major part of his evidence was ranting on about how racist Europeans ‘whitened’ the Egyptians. I think he’d find that was the American film studios that did that. Europe is less hung up than them. He’s still posting replies now, at least three since I said I wasn’t going to be involved in his rant. People.

The picture is one of the Fayum portraits, about 1900 years old. He looks middle Eastern to me. Oh, this guy insisted that all the ancient Egyptians had been chased into sub Saharan Africa by the Arabs, in spite of no evidence, and plenty to the contrary. He also said that the very pale bust of Nefertiti was actually a black woman. Hmm, a black woman with white skin?

I’m only interested in this from an anthropology point of view. To me one of the big puzzles to solve is the spread of humans out of Africa around the globe, and some racial characteristics are pointers as to what the original tribes would have looked like.

In spite of there being no traceable Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA or Y chromosomes in the human population, I still think there was some interbreeding. Mostly due to the variety of Caucasian hair and eye colouring, and lately a few geneticists have said that quit a lot of ancient genes splashed into the pool at once, for which there in no explanation. Except hmm, maybe a little Neanderthal ancestry.


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