How the hell did Rhesus negative blood types evolve?

So, how do people explain the Rhesus negative blood type?

It’s a real evolutionary disadvantage, it causes miscarriages and infant deaths . Some notable biologists, including Haldane, have pointed out that it should have been selected out by now. In fact, it should have been selected out in the first few generations, to reside at the background level it has in Africa and the far East. But western Europeans carry it at a very high rate, Basques at about 40%.

There’s only two ways this could work. That the Rhesus positive blood type is a relatively recent mutation, probably from the horn of Africa, that has swept across a pre existing, global population of humans and replacing them. Or that there was a massive input of Rhesus negative blood types relatively recently, and mainly occurring in central Europe, and we are actively in the process of selecting it out.

The second idea supports my Neanderthal theory. It also fits with the increasing occurrence of occipital buns as you go back into the iron and bronze age. If you could work out some kind of convergence date for the two… has any body tried DNA testing iron age humans to see if they have a higher incidence of RH-? It would give a good way to work out how fast it is decreasing, and from that, when the trait entered our gene pool. It might be a good idea to do DNA analyses for all kinds of traits, to see if they are more common or less, and if they can work out a point/time of entry into the modern Sapiens gene pool.

The Rh+ ‘killing’ off the Rh- might explain the limitation in the human gene pool to some extent, and why some minority mitochondrial DNA lines might have died out. This could seriously put the ‘out of Africa’ migration back in time, not that the 60kya number could be right anyway. Introducing Rh+ would make a population have breeding difficulties until it became dominant. Maybe it’s the reason the number of Neanderthals slowly reduced.

Logically, Rh- would have to been the standard blood type of homo erectus and earliest humans, with Rh+ slowly asserting dominance as Rh- women failed to reproduce as well as their Rh+ sisters.

I think malaria may have been another significant factor in human evolution. There is blood factor called the ‘Duffy antigen’. If you are Duffy negative, you have a slight resistance to Malaria, and you are African. Since all Europeans are Duffy positive, this gene must have spread after malaria evolved, and after the migration out of Africa . Other genes that cause resistance to malaria, like sickle cell and Thalassaemia, are generally fairly localised, but Duffy negative blood is common to nearly all Africans. The first appearance of Malaria must have been after farming developed, and it probably erased nearly all the first farming civilisations, and killed off whole populations across the tropical zone. Only hunter gatherers with very low population densities could have survived this, like the Khoisan and the Pygmies. Anyone in a more densely populated area would have become infected, and very few children would have survived.


31 responses to “How the hell did Rhesus negative blood types evolve?

  1. RH- Israelites?My husband and I are rh- and have no problems having children together.I was married before and I lost a baby in the past due to rh-/rh+ rejection.Maybe this is a way God keeps us separated in our own groups like He does animals.Kind after kind.If He didn’t then alot of kinds would cease to exist.

  2. l am RH- and my husband is RH+,and we have 3 beautiful children,2 are RH+,and 1 is RH-,all pregnancies were a nightmare though with extreme vomiting and chronic migrains,l thought l,d lose them when l had my migraines because l vomitied constantly until my migraine had passed,and with each pregnancy l had 17 migraines each(it was difficult not to count)l also got,” the combs test,” which l got every month for rhesus incompatibility.My own mother is RH-B,and my father was RH-O.

  3. l am so curious about my bloob type(RH-)l have been trying to find out about it.My middle child has RH- and has the cauda ,very noticiable,when he was born the paedetrician at the hospital told me it was hereditary .ls it true its only RH- people it happen to?l,d love to know more.

  4. Not every Rh negative woman who has an Rh positive baby has problems. It’s only a certain percentage of second or third or fourth pregnancies that resulted in dead or disabled babies, even before Rhogam. Enough Rh negative women managed to produce families without any significant problems for the genes to continue to spread throughout the population.

    There’s also usually some sort of advantage in a gene when it doesn’t die out. People who are heterozygous (carrying only one gene instead of two) for the sickle cell gene have more resistance to malaria, for instance. Maybe people who are heterozygous, carrying only one gene, have some sort of undetermined advantage over people who are Rhesus positive. I vaguely remember seeing something about the Rhesus blood group having something to do with oxygen delivery to blood cells. Since many of the Basques lived at higher altitudes, maybe there was some advantage to being Rhesus negative or heterozygous for the trait and getting more oxygen to their lungs if they carried one of those traits? Then again, maybe the theory is nuts. Who knows? It originated with the group that currently has the greatest percentage of the genes and that seems to be the Basques or maybe a group somewhere in Africa who became the Basques.

    I’m B negative. I have some French blood on one side of the family and some Irish blood on the other. I’d guess that there were some Basques way back on the family tree who ended up in greater France and Ireland.

  5. My father was Algerian, O negative blood, my mother from Brittaney France,A positive blood. My husband is O positive and I am A negative. My daughters are O negative for the oldest and O positive for the youngest. Negative rhesus blood is present in Africa as well. And considering the isolation of the Aures, prevalent or it would have been eliminated already. I am also curious

  6. I am an A- of the island of Barabados, West Indies. My grand always talked about the Raja’s daughter. Recently I saw information on the black Malaba Jews of India, that is, there A – or at least there is high presence. In the middle seventies a cousin told me that family in New York were considered black jews. Meanwhile in the late seventies and early eighties I had altered states of consciousness about the Egyptian pyramids and saw a woman in the golden mask of Tut, respectively. I learnt that Tut seemed to have a Hebrew background as well, via Moses. It is a grand illusion or is this real; further some folks think there is a connection between negative blood types and UFOs.

  7. I am o rhesus negative and have only heard theory after theory all these theories are nowere near the truth. I do hope sometime soon we will get to the truth of this.

  8. Please don't hurt the innocent

    All people from the brittish Isles came from Iberian spain

  9. My mother has A- blood, and had to have an injection when she was pregnant with me to prevent problems/birth defects. I believe my father is A+ (not 100% sure). Since Rh+ is dominant I was born with A+ blood.

    My mother is not of Western European descent I don’t believe. She is of Turkish decent. Where else could she have inherited this Rh- factor? And could I have inherited it as a recessive trait?

  10. …venus willendorf tlatlatzolteotl figurines
    were not for nothing. the basques themselves
    as late as 1930’s separated out the cagotz(B)=
    ca oztotl(N)=cave beings from the rest of their
    population, having them breed among themselves. investigation into this group,
    if there is any data would be enlightening
    and perhaps provide answers to Rhesus.
    my tletl blogspot has posts that conclusively
    prove basque cave links through word source,
    e.g., source itself=tzol(N), cave venus’s
    middle-name, the firedrill goddess of
    the ibero-french painted caves.
    likewise neander had so many problems birthing he was referred to in the book
    of enoch(found with dead sea scrolls)
    as nephillim/no children, and, anakim/
    no flesh/snake, snaca(OE)=nacatl(N).
    despite what charlatans have made of
    the word, nephillim, in their chaotic and
    fanciful blogs, it’s from,
    nepiloliztli(N)=to be suspended, punished
    in the flesh= tenacaztitech nepiloliztli(N),
    from, piloa(N)=spill from on high,
    therfore the name, fallen angel for neander.

  11. The majority of rh-negs seem to have low iron, low body temperature, low heart rate and low blood pressure. Could this have once been an advantage in a certain environment (warmer) where certain foods were available to the population (more protein)? Most of my family are rh-neg and fight off infections extremely well, but the women have trouble with iron deficiancy and cannot follow the same vegetarian diets as the rh-positives in the family.

  12. It interests me that the majority of rh-negs seem to have low iron. I am B- and my husband is A+ and I have three daughters,two A+ and the other B+.I had the injection after their births and they were fine.However I have very low iron and was wondering if this is common amongst rh-negs and why?

  13. Thats true about low blood pressure,low body temperature,about fighting off infection isn,t so true with me.My little boy is quite good fighting off infection because l believe he carries his father positive gene,but l believe ,and its true to say with me l,m a weakling ,maybe it has something to do with my both parents being Rh-.But l have a number of genetic problems which l was born with,nothing serious but some can be disabling at times.

  14. About the low iron,mine was always low especially in pregnancy, l was giving ampoules twice a day but,it was even under the normal.Sorry l don,t know why.l take iron supplements,its worse in menustration.l also try to eat cooked fresh beetroot which is high in iron. Good luck Jo.

  15. I am A– negative and just learning about all this. I get really confused when they go into the ancient Gods and coming down and interbreeding Is this only with Onegative or is it all RH negatives? thanks for the help

  16. I too am O Rh neg, really just started looking into it more than just being my blood. Im 4 mths pregnant with number 2,had anti d shots with first and will get them this time. I have always had very low blood pressure,even when pregnant. I am quite a warm person though even though I am skinny. My iron count is very high,my midwife told me today. She said never seen such a high count. Its really interesting,I had no idea!

  17. oh,I forgot to mention, I eat/drink masses of vitamin c and I still get ill with colds and flu all year. Not the best immune system. I know my mum is the ‘rarest’ group,is that a? My dad,no idea.

  18. It was very interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and anything connected to this matter. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

    Sincerely yours

  19. I’m AB neg, New Zealand born from British ancestry with a long-ago French connection. Low blood pressure and excellent resistance to infection, above average lung capacity, heart rate average. Not aware of any iron problem, but had an uncle with pernicious anemia.
    Believe AB neg over represented in NZ, I say this because I know two families other than my own that have AB negs, and have heard it said that that is the case.
    Imagine low blood pressure would be an advantage in cool climates not warm. I get light headed in warm weather.
    Rh neg will no longer be a selective disadvantage now that medicine has created a solution to the childbearing problem.
    Rh neg would persist in any population owing to male dispersion of the gene.

  20. … oh yeah; I have the occipital buns too.

  21. i am b- , hubby is A+. i just started researching my rh- blood mystery. I’m of irish and mostly polish decent. we had 2 kids ..first A- second A+. got shot with both pregnancies. had low iron in both, but with my son had a severe allergic reaction all over my body starting at my stom. and gradually going outward starting at 34 weeks. had to be induced it got so severe. docs think it is due to the A+ blood in my son. i’m sure if i had another positive baby it would be fine but I’m thinking if i had another pregnancy this child would have negative blood(just a feeling). also, i’ve read that only 15% of pop. have negative blood and it can’t be cloned. and there is not earthly connection to rh- blood like there is rh+ blood to the rhesus monkey. interesting I thought, so where did the rh- come from, why do rh- mom’s sometimes reject rh+ babies, and i read blood is the least likely thing to mutate. the only way possible is by cross breeding like with horses and donkeys to make mules. 2 similar species with different dna to make something completely new. Interesting!

  22. I am rh negative and i am anemic. I never get
    sick with colds , viruses , flu etc .My question
    is are any of you extremely good with math and numbers i am and always did well in

  23. Europeans have the highest # of recessive genes of any racial group. Before the last ice age a small group travelled from Iran into Europe and became isolated for the next 20K years. Because this group was small the gene pool was limited and mutations were preserved.

    Later middle easterners migrated into Europe adding type B blood and increasing the incidence of rh positive.
    Rh- could have been over represented in proto european tribes, or it could have evolved during the ice age and was preserved as a result of limited gene pool.

  24. I am type A Rh negative. I’m African American and Native American. Both of my parents have positive types AB and O. I feel lost in all of this talk of Europe.

  25. Besides humans, what other life forms carry Rh-? I understand R stands for Rhesus but would the term/bio-element be different in other life forms?

  26. I am A- and have had two healthy A+ babies so far… no problems during pregnancies, in fact both were easy breezy. So, to each her own 🙂

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