Saharan rock art.

Red and white figures, from Uan Muhuggiag, Libya.

Uan Amil. Apparently blond people washing their hair, ready for a wedding. It’s a part of a much larger picture.

For any Afrocentrist that believes Caucasians are newcomers to North Africa… how come there are blondes and white people painted here? These paintings are old. Just how old is a matter for debate, because you have to go by the items shown. They all seem to be well BC though. There are some excellent images of obviously black African people too.


3 responses to “Saharan rock art.

  1. I am the farthest you can call from an Afrocentrist, yet I still know enough anthropology not to make assumptions based on tri-color artwork. Obviously cranial forms we would call “caucasoid” have been identified in late pleistocene North Africa. Whether indigenous or not is up for debate, but enough evidence to show they were of light brown complexion. One can clearly see they do not have black in their color palette. In fact, the people you claim as Black African people are depicted with WHite hair as well. So why the assumption that the other people where blonde? Maybe a subconscious eurocentric attempt at seeing Nordic Europeans in ancient Africa?

  2. Did I say they were Nordic?

    Berbers (natives of Morocco) are often blond in the Northern part of the country. DNA calculated age of Caucasian Berbers in Morocco is over 20k, and the bones go back that far as well.

  3. Have you differentiated from “Caucasoids” who actually are nothing more than what the average person would call an East African? “Caucasoid” is a relatively new term and is wholly imprecise as it describes physiology that has long been ascribed to traditional African peoples who would not be deemed “white.” It seems like a poor way to classify people. Nasal width, blond hair (as you’ve noted) and the like are suggestive of nothing. Sketchy sketches?

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