‘Hobbit’ sized skulls found on Palau.

There’s been a recent discovery of some human skull, of a similar size to, but apparently not related to the Flores ‘Hobbits’.

It’s an interesting find, that’s well covered on anthropology.net, so I’m not going to do it myself, except in brief. Try National Geographic  for the whole article on the 3 to 4 ft tribe.

The more interesting thing about it is the accusations of mishandling and cultural insensitivity, as apparently not every living Palauan was personally consulted over the dig. It seems that the team did consult the local govt and get the relevant permits, and even had locals on the team. the remains are now in the Palauan museum. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s a storm in tea cup, brewed for the sole purpose of selling a few magazines.

The argument involving some people from National Geographic was the most interesting thing about all of this. The blog’s well worth a visit to the read the just comments. It tells you a lot about how journalists can distort facts to make a story sound dramatic.

I’m all for not digging up peoples grannies, and if it looked like these were related to modern Palauans I’d say the local chiefs were justified in griping. But considering the size of the remains, I think it’s pretty unlikely they were their ancestors…

One response to “‘Hobbit’ sized skulls found on Palau.

  1. I have seen some Palauans that I thought probably had an ancestor that was “little”. In fact, I know of one woman and her siblings who remind me of little people. Who knows….their probably relatives. I mean if small people can have children of normal sizes, what makes you think that it is pretty unlikely they could be related to someone in Palau. They could of also married the normal size people and bore children. Scientists keep guessing and giving their discovery a story, natives tell stories of people coming in to the island of Palau from other places in ancient times and some Palauans brought these foreigners at the time into their families to become a part of their clan. I have relatives who’s ancestors came from New Guinea and Puerto Rico thousands of years ago. How they became a part of my clan started when my great ancestor brought in people that came ashore and lived on the beach side of the island of Kayangel. We’re not blood related but over the years ties within culture and taking in people into a clan binded us to be related. When I ask my mother “mom are they related to us?” she says it’s “ulak el klauchad”. Tied relations or adoption into a clan. Or “ulak el klauchad el loiak a siukang” meaning related throughout years of custom and tradition. You never know who’s related to who…..

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