Aurignacian rock art at the Grotte Chauvet

The rock art at the Grotte Chavet is near the upper end of the Ardeche Canyon in France, and the artwork inside it was discovered as late as 1994. This does rather make you wonder what else lies hidden waiting for schoolboys daring each other to go into scary dark caves.

The date of the artworks inside seem to range from 32,000 BP to 26,000 BP, making them artworks painted while modern humans were still in the early stages of displacing the Neanderthals from Europe.  Most of the artwork seems to have been applied during the early Aurignacian period (32,000 to 30,000 years ago). There is an excellent page on them here. They show many extinct European species, like mammoths, cave bears, lions, hyenas and rhinos.

The red coloured paintings are found near to the entrance, the black drawings further inside the cave.

These ancient artists lived in this beautiful French landscape..

And here is the site shown on a map of France, along with other sites.

As always, there are plenty of handprints. There are also a lot of dots and abstarct shapes. Possibly these are star maps, as in Lascaux.

A Dons Maps page on Chauvet.


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  1. Interesting! Thank you for posting. Absolutely incredibly, the human spirit, isn’t it?

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