Had a think about the copyright issue…

And after reading through several hours worth of copyright cases, it seem your average blogger is more likely to be hit by lightening than a lawsuit iinvolving copyright. However…

I will be re-writing a lot of the blatantly pasted stuff, as it’s not nice (and it’s lazy) to use it without others permission. DNA studies will be an exception. Scholars are normally in it for recognition not cash, and probably won’t mind their material being spread to a wider audience. All of the studies I archive here are freely available from no-charge on line sites like Pubmed, so it’s unlikely that I’d be damaging anyone sales.

If anyone sees something here they have a copyright to, please contact me if they don’t want it posted here. I don’t make any profit from this site and it’s mean to be educational, but if the images or text are yours I will remove them without arguing. If you are generous enough to allow me to use the images, I’ll give proper accredition ASAP upon notification.

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