So is this Nefertiti?

This debate saw mummy hair specialist Joann Fletcher booted out of Egypt for embarrassing Dr Hawass. Personally, I think it could be. It’s got the double pierced ear, long neck, and slight indent from wearing that very tight crown all the time. The body appears to have been vandalised near the time of it’s burial, and it’s in quite a mess from the neck down. Maybe someone should do a reconstruction via x-rays to see how she matches up.

4 responses to “So is this Nefertiti?

  1. Could be. Very well could be, if the lower jaw were pushed back at the time of mummification or soon thereafter and the upper lip somewhat distorted. We can’t expect the bust to be a completely accurate portrait, but this is certainly promising.

  2. Am I the only one who wants to comment on such an exciting topic? If it is possible to get DNA from the fetuses from Tutankhamun’s tomb, which is unlikely, I’d like to see comparison between those fetusus, presumably Nefertiti’s grandchildren, and this mummy. That would answer the question.

  3. I assume everybody’s seen the major discovery–the stone face inside the terra cotta? I can’t get the stone face to print out, and I sure would like to compare it side by side with the mummy.

    However, it appears that the stone face looks less like the mummy than the finished face does. The overbite is more apparent on the stone face than on the terra cotta, but still far less than that on the mummy, though again, we don’t know to what extent the mummy has suffered from the process of mummification and from the post-mummification attack on the mummy. The bags under the eyes are more visible on the stone face that on the terra cotta, as they are on the mummy, but I can’t make out the creases at the corner of the mouth on the mummy at all. That, however, probably means nothing, because of the distortion of the mouth area.

    The position of the neck in the bust is immaterial in terms of identification; it was necessary from an engineering point of view, to make the bust stand without falling. The mummy does have the long neck, but I question whether that hat would have gone onto the head over that oddly-shaped skull.

    Oh, if I could just get my hands and eyes on the mummy head and the pictures of the bust as it is and the X-rays! I KNOW I could come out with a definitive answer, whereas all I can do with this is say maybe.

    My brother Lee travels all over the world, wherever there has been a fatal accident on an oil derrick, to determine the cause and what can be done to prevent such an accident from happening again. I feel like Lee having to work from too few photographs, from the wrong angles, and not getting to see the derrick itself at all.

    I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS! I AM A WELL-TRAINED IDENTIFICATION TECHNICIAN! But with no more than the evidence I can get my eyes on now, I’m still stuck with “if.” DAMMIT!

  4. the one on the right is nefiteri not nefitit.

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