Just a C Loring Brace paper mentioning the neolithic expansion.

Clines and Clusters Versus “Race:” A Test in Ancient Egypt and the Case of a Death on the Nile

The biological affinities of the ancient Egyptians were tested against their neighbors and selected prehistoric groups as well as against samples representing the major geographic population clusters of the world. Two dozen craniofacial measurements were taken on each individual used. The raw measurements were converted into C scores and used to produce Euclidean distance dendrograms. The measurements were principally of adaptively trivial traits that display patterns of regional similarities based solely on genetic relationships. The Predynastic of Upper Egypt and the Late Dynastic of Lower Egypt are more closely related to each other than to any other population. As a whole, they show ties with the European Neolithic, North Africa, modern Europe, and, more remotely, India, but not at all with sub-Saharan Africa, eastern Asia, Oceania, or the New World.

From a C Loring Brace paper. Ignoring the racial study of ancient Egypt, but the bit that really caught my attention was the part in bold..

the fact that so many European Neolithic groups in Figure 4 tie more closely to the Late Dynastic Egyptians near the Mediterranean coast than they do with modern Europeans provides suggestive support for an eastern Mediterranean source for the people of the European Neolithic at an even earlier time level than Bernal suggests for the Egyptian-Phoenician colonization and influence on Greece early in the second millennium BC (Ammerman and Cavalli-Sforza, 1973, 1979; Bernal, 1987:2; Cavalli-Sforza et al., 1993; Sokal et al. 1991).

Which would be Turkey, judging by all the other bits and pieces I’ve collected. Going by the language dating (about 9,000 years) and the sudden appearance of all the crops from Turkey in Francthi cave 11,000 years ago, on top of the DNA evidence that suggests Crete was settled from Turkey… I’m thinking Turkey was the probable cradle of Western civilisation, with an expansion beginning somewhere about 11,00 years ago but really getting into full swing about 9,000 years ago.


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