Neanderthal skulls

Just a collection of images for the ‘folder’. Spot the odd one out!

Shanidar 1 (Iraq), and a 41,000-year-old Neanderthal woman found at Tabun in Israel.

Male Neanderthal skull from La Chapelle aux Saints, France, dated to about 60,000 BP, and a male skull from Skhul

Male skull from Amud, Israel, and from le Moustier in France.

La Ferrassie France, 70,000 BP, repro of the 9 year old child from Teshik-Tash.

The odd one out is…

 Skhul 5, an archaic modern human. Hard to tell apart aren’t they?


2 responses to “Neanderthal skulls

  1. fascinating collection of photos & diagrams

  2. cool thanks

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