Bakt en Hor and the bodiless man.

Both of these mummies are the subject of some forensic investigation for a tv program called ‘Mummy Forensics’, headed up by Dr Joann Fletcher, an Egyptologist with a speciality in mummy hair.

This is the mummified head of a young man circa 600 BC from ancient Egypt.

This is the CT scan of Bakt Hor Nekht, bought in an Egyptian market, and now a resident of the Hancock museum in England. She’s about 3,000 years old.

She was 5 ft tall and had a full set of teeth. Her bones show no signs of arthritis or bone disease, suggesting that she was aged between 21 and 35 when she died; and she is wrapped in elaborate cartonnage (fibres) indicating that she was most likely middle class.

I’m looking forward to the show.


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