Is this mummy Tutankhamun’s brother or father?

This is  a scan of mummy from KV 55. Last year National Geographic  ran an item on the possibility that it was Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). King Tut is the set of images below.

Apparently it shares a lot of the features with the young king. A curiously elongated skull, thin face.. apparently it also had scoliosis of the spine and a cleft palate. However, the age of the mummy is estimated at no more than 18, so it makes it more likely he is a brother, also supported by the fact that some of the artifacts in the tomb where from Tutankhamun’s reign. However, this one is really up for debate. Particularly as Tut has been classified as a North African Caucasian by every anthropologist who’s had a good look at him, while this guy seem to be slightly prognathic, possibly having a Southern mother.. a half brother? If the body really is that of an 18 year old, it can’t be of Akhenaten, who reigned sixteen years and fathered a whole brood of children with Nefertiti. If it is a brother, it is probably Smenkhkare.

This is the defaced mummy case of KV55


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