A fascinating insight into on-line mate selection.

A random attack on Google unearthed this little gem…

 What Makes You Click? — Mate Preferences and Matching Outcomes in Online Dating.

Some of the insights it gives you into the dating behavior of on-line Americans is fascinating. I’ll give you a few of the highlights now though.

  • A 5’6” tall man needs to earn an extra $175,000 dollars to be as attractive as a man 6′ tall.
  • Men really don’t like tall women.
  • Men don’t care much about a womans educational level or income is. In fact they prefer a slighlty less educated woman.
  • Women prefer men who are slightly more educated than themselves.
  • Men prefer an underweight BMI of 17 (emaciated, technically) at least in photos.
  • Women prefer men to be slighlty too heavy with a BMI of 27.
  • Asians seem to be the least picky about interracial dating.
  • White women seem to be the most picky about interracial dating
  • Genderwise, women are less likely to be interest in interracial dating.
  • Black males were the most open to interracial dating.
  • Asian men seem to be rated as the least attractive by women (sorry).
  • A woman with long blond hair is considered more attractive than one with short dark hair.
  • Red haired men are at a disavantage.
  • Women prefer the standard male haircut (reasonably short). Long and curly does worst.
  • Money really does make men more attractive. But not women.

So, no major surprises there then. It’s worth a read. Some of the more interesting observations are about the income increases needed tp make Black, Hispanic and Asian men equally attractive to white women: $154,000, $77,000 and $247,000 respectively. What women have against Asian men I’m not sure!


One response to “A fascinating insight into on-line mate selection.

  1. I love your website….You confirm what I think…that for all that we know, we know little. The study of DNA makes old archaeology and anthropology look like two very ignorant disciplines. Perhaps arkys and anthrys should look up once in awhile, put their brushes and picks down, and realize that it is all in the blood. Everything is there. Marilyn

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