Doctored images on Afrocentrist websites.

I’m not kidding. Someone sent me a hysterical comment claiming this was what they ‘really looked like’. After a bit of a laugh, I dug out the image I have of Meritaten (currently in the Louvre) to compare it.

This is Nefertiti’s daughter, Meritaten, wearing a Nubian wig. If you take a close look, you can see both statues have the same scars on the left cheek. It appears someone has stuck a dark coloured filter over the  second image. If you take a look at the undoctored image you can see the patch of flesh coloured paint by her right eye, complete with eyeliner. I expanded this to cover part of her face with an art program and it’s in the same kind of skin tone range as most of the coffin and statue portraits I have, not black.

Another Afrocentrist site routinely puts a very dark grey filter over his images, then digitally snips some of them out and pastes them onto a new background. He can moan all he likes about copyright. Check that slight brightness around the image where it was ‘snipped’.

There’s a whole site of images like this. I’ve managed to track down the original images of some, and the skin tones have all been ‘helped’ to be ‘more realistically black’.



So if the Egyptians were obviously  black why do the images need to be doctored to make them look black?


8 responses to “Doctored images on Afrocentrist websites.

  1. I don’t think it’s that they NEED to be doctored, its that people identify race through skin color. When you look at the features of the statue in normal lightning with normal color black people can look at it and see that they are features of their own people but for others they will see features of THEIR own people.
    Today light skinned is mentally conditioned to mean white, or anything BUT black, putting the dark filter makes people automatically cue in on “African” then they feel more inclined to say, well those features ARE black, but for some reason these same people would never have been able to pick it up unless the skin was dark.

    It is just something Afrocentrics and Eurocentrics use to prove their points. They intentionally lighten or darken images so that one is more swayed to cue in on the features and think they may go either way, which is true in many, many cases.

    Maybe you should ask yourself why you felt the need to post the original images? Maybe because you think the darker images make them look more black even though they have the same facial features? After all many of us think the colors are symbolic and whether someone darkens the image or not should not easily sway your thoughts on the facial features in terms of race if you really are natural.

  2. I’ve never seen a lightened image. there’s no need, most of the images are light coloured and fairly Caucasian looking to begin with, as are the mummies.

    I posted the original to show how it had been altered. DUH. You can’t just say ‘it’s been altered’ and not show the original.

  3. you are my hero!!!!!!!!!!! you have given me so much info by looking at what you have written! i just want to say thank you!!!!

  4. I’m far from an expert on the subject, but don’t them (or some of them) admit that these images are manipulated to emphasize the alleged “blackness”? I think I’ve read once about claims of prior “adulterations” by Europeans, not in a conspiracy-like way, but while restoring the/some artifacts, as an understandable prejudice for the time where “white man” was almost a synonym with civilized peoples.

    But again, I’m almost “making this up”, I don’t remember exactly what I’ve read neither from whom. Maybe it does not even make any sense, or is substantially different from what was really stated, and I don’t want to create some strawman here.

    I’m sort of a neutral skeptic on the subject. On one side I think that this basic notion that somewhat prejudiced (but not conspiratory racists) European historians making some wrong assumptions about races on the Egypt (I think I’ve read something about Galton having thought that the Chinese or Asians in general had “stolen” or “borrowed” civilization from the Europeans, that they’d not be able to achieve so much by their innate abilities), but in the other hand some Afrocentrist stuff is definitely nuts as are those white-supremacist theories of “aryans” or nordics descending from atlanteans, elves or whatever.

    At the same time, much of what I read on debates on forums and blogs seem to have implicit a sort of essentialist concept of race, they talk about it almost as if it was immutable like species on the creationist viewpoint. But judging by some self-depictions of ancient Egyptians look quite intermediary to me, both in color and facial traits. Whatever it means “racially”.

    I think it’s sad that it’s often being argued somewhat with an subtle (or not so) underlying implication that Egyptians having being black or not would mean something about the innate capabilities of black people.

  5. Whether you call it doctored or whatever, the fact remains that the Egyptians for the most part have features that do not coincide with the Caucasian facial features. There is no way that the Caucasians could have full lips during that era and be known for their small lips now. I understand that you are trying to prove your point but you must take in all the evidence in a non bias view points to realize and admit to the truth when you see it.

    I am a Haitian female and I am on the search of truth about my heritage and what people would like to call black people (we are an extremely diverse group), and I listen and read from all view points (black,caucasian etc.) Being open minded and honoring the truth will lead us a long way. Black history and heritage has been reduced nothing to savages in huts in order to calm the caucasian conscience as they treat a whole race as animals. I studied anthropology in college and it is the mother of the slave trade. It allowed this notion to permeate that black people are savages and are not capable of rational thought.

    I can understand where you may think that these images are doctored, but as you probably have not visited all these artifacts first hand, it could easily be a difference in the camera setting. Please refrain from being bias.

    • Yes, the images were altered to look blacker.I am familiar with the originals,nad have them elsewhere.

      And most Egyptians mummies and statues don’t look very black at all. I have a page with about 400 images on it called ‘the faces of ancient Egypt.’ Please check you facts before you call me biased.

  6. You obviously haven’t seen many black statues or mummies of African Egyptians. yet you continue to try and paint a white Egypt. Blacks for the most part will never take Europeans so called academe seriously, whether you care or not, because we already know that it is the Europeans that are writing & forwarding this information to the public. Good luck on your biased reviews. But you can only hide the truth for so long. Chikh Anta Diop Already debunk most of your earlier scholar’s,so we never took any of you people’s work seriously. Funny though how he mysteriously died after that. Wow what lengths will you people go through to distort the truth. and you say that you have 400 images of ancient Egypt, well if you knew how darker African Egyptians are being withheld from the public than you would already know! you are just another individual like so many others, that continue to help perpetuate the myths about a white Egypt, for the most part, believing that whites had created this or that. As long as white people have the monopoly on writhing history or anything they will, do it in a way that makes them always seem on top, when those who truly know that this is erroneous. Continue with the Biased reviews.

    • No Lenny- as I repeatedly point out the population was prretty much the same as it is now. the DNA studies show as much black immigration as Arab. Some of the dynasties were black, some were light mediterranean and they looked just like modern Egyptians.

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