New Neanderthal reconstruction in New Scientist magazine

They are calling her Wilma, apparently.

And one of her naked with a spear; Britney Spears she isn’t.

Wouldn’t stand out in a crowd that much. Looks like my nan naked.

5 responses to “New Neanderthal reconstruction in New Scientist magazine

  1. You’ve apparently never seen Britney Spears without her makeup. She makes this neanderthal chick look good.

  2. Gerald Whitely

    Thanks for the interesting information. I was looking for Neanderthal pics and stumbled upon your blog. I have a radical point of view: science is based on observation and measurement. If we can’t observe it (first-hand) and measure it (as an experiment, verify, quantify, etc.) it is not really science; it is philosophy. Some of this even smacks more of propaganda than philosophy. If you compare a picture of the original Neanderthal bones, these “reconstructions” are only Hollywood style propaganda. Anyone with an open mind can see that we are being duped into believing that these are “cavemen” and links to ape-like ancestors. Neanderthal actually had a 13% larger braincase, hyoid bone (indicating speech), star maps, constellation drawings, bone flutes (music & art). 100 years ago, Rudolph Virchau, a Vienna MD, diagnosed Neanderthal to be a modern man suffering from rickets and/or syphilis. Sorry to rant. Enjoyed your blog, Mithilda

    • brilliant! poor old Neanderthal has been maligned for too long! i reckon they were intellectually equal to homo sapiens but the vicissitudes of evolutionary forces just happended to swing the balance in our favour. RIP Wilma:-)

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