The Dali crania, Shaanxi province China.

One of those awkward ‘doesn’t fit the OOA’ paradigm skulls, from China. It was found in 1978, and it’s age is very roughly 209,000 years old. It’s described as being morphologically halfway between modern humans and Homo Erectus, so it’s been placed in the ‘archaic’  Homo Sapiens category for now.

A more thorough discussion of the skull here.

2 responses to “The Dali crania, Shaanxi province China.

  1. For me it’s not H. sapients at all (it has almost no vault and such huge browridges!). Erectus includes a wide variety and for me it’s just that.

  2. He looks more H Erectus to me too, but then I haven’t gotten hold of him to measure him up.

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