Mesolithic burials in Muge, Portugal

Analysis of Burials from the New Excavations of the Sites Cabeço da Amoreira and Cabeço da Arruda (Muge, Portugal)

Mirjana Roksandic,Department of Anthropology University of Toronto
New excavations of the Mesolithic sites in the Muge valley directed by J.-M. Rolão, M. Roksandic and E. Cunha aim to provide finer details of spatial organization, site use and, eventually, social  organization. Within that goal, microspatial analysis of individual burials is effected to further our understanding of mortuary and ancestral rituals and their incorporation into the habitation site. Cleaning and reinforcing the profiles at the sites of Cabeço da Amoreira and Cabeço da Arruda, and the first two campaigns of the new excavations resulted in discovery of the four burials presented here. In addition, new 14C dates and isotope data are given.

The burial dates are about 7,000 years old.


2 responses to “Mesolithic burials in Muge, Portugal

  1. The buurial dates are about 6,000 years old.

    Actually like 8,000-7,400 y.o.

    The ~6,000 C-14 dates that appear somewhere are uncalibrated and are immediately transcribed into calibrated dates of 5,000+ BC.

    From the paper:

    The new dates and isotope information for all of the four individuals are presented in Table 2. Ranging between 6000 and 5400 cal. BC, the dates fall well within those already published for the Portuguese Late Mesolithic (…)

    I noticed right away because Neolithic in that part of Portugal begins c. 5000 BCE, that is: some 7,000 years ago (though these dates may need to be pushed back some centuries on light of better modern calibration probably), so it could not be still Epipaleolithic (or Mesolithic).

    Feel free to delete this note, if you wish, once you take note.

  2. Thank you Luis.

    As you can tell from the title ‘mesoolithic burials’ and rampant typos I was pretty tired when I posted that!

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