Recent Human evolution in North West Africa

Recent Human evolution in North West Africa

I can’t paste any of this to the blog unfortunately. It has a lot of usable information about the very oldest North African remains (Jebel Irhoud, etc). The abstract says that …

…the rise of anatomically modern features cannot be restricted to an east Afrian or sub Saharan origin.

Because the North West African samples are just as old as the Ethiopian ones, with modern features.. although they are more archaic than the Skhul skull. The Jebel Irhoud specimens (date rather vague, from 90k to 190k, with 160k seeming to be the favourite) were thought for a long time to be North African Neanderthals. This paper has a very close look at them. It cconcludes that if an African cradle for humanity is assumed, it should extend from North Africa to South Africa, and should also include the middle East. This does ask though, what happened to the AMH’s of North Africa. They were apparently wiped out by the back migration of Eurasians about 30k ago, leaving no (as yet detected) trace.

Any blog regulars… normal service will be resumed in a few days. I’m a bit busy at the moment.

One response to “Recent Human evolution in North West Africa

  1. Quite interesting, thanks.

    His main conclusions seem to be that the Aterian specimes:

    1. Are not Neanderthal, even if they do show some archaisms that could be taken for that (on first sight only).

    2. Are closely related to the Skuhl specimens, also archaic versions of H. sapiens.

    3. They migh have been direct ancestors or directly related to the direct ancestors of those Palestinian archaic humans.

    All of them pretty interesting points.

    What I kind of odd is that the paper is titled “Recent human evolution in northwestern Africa”. Shouldn’t it be more like “early”?

    I also miss an exploration of whatever possible relation with later local types or of any kind of continuty between Aterian and what came later. AFAIK there are strong doubts about Aterian contuinty as the region (like several others) may have been deserted due to extreme aridity in the Middle UP but, with the recent reviews of datations, I am somewhat uncertain about this.

    My best wishes for whatever endeavours is preventing you from blogging. This is a very interesting blog, with many interesting jewels, that I really enjoy reading – you know.

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