Prehistoric Iberia: Genetics, Anthropology, and Linguistics

Prehistoric Iberia: Genetics,Anthropology, and Linguistics

A pdf that does what it says. It’s a description of conference about Iberia, North Africa and the Canaries. A quick and fairly interesting read if you are interestede in this area. It mentions tha Tuareg as relative newcomers to North West Africa, being related to the Beja of the Sudan. It aslo has some HLA work by the barking mad Arnaiz-Villena in it.


5 responses to “Prehistoric Iberia: Genetics, Anthropology, and Linguistics

  1. Dear Matilda

    I have read excerpts from this book and found it very interesting; especially from the point of view of genetics of the aboriginal caucasoid peoples of North Africa. It seem to be a very good book, from all points of view,genetically and historically.

    So why do you say that Mr Arnaiz-Villena is barking mad? do you know something that I don`t ?

    • A while ago he published an HLA study claiming Greeks were closely related to Ethiopians. It was since shown to be incorrect by another HLA study that showed Greeks to be typically European and closely related to Macedonians. It’s here under ‘the worlds worst population genetics study’. He was harshly criticised by the worlds leading men in the field, had the paper pulled from publication and then got fired for embezlling. Overall quite a farce, and it ruined his career.

  2. Thanks Matilda I didn`t know that.
    So what about the above study –
    [Prehistoric Iberia: Genetics, Anthropology, and Linguistics ], that he was involved in does it still hold water?

  3. …the greeks are deer culture down to goats,
    even have strong connexions with deer bull
    people(the wheaters), their god zeus is an
    aryan skygod whose mother was a birdsnake,
    the shuttlestar goddess of weaving, the new
    venus who took over from the primitive
    venus of deer culture, their religions come
    out of fire/sunworship but remained pastoral,
    they have always been wooed by neptune
    and poseidon, instead of a chapel they have
    been the hallway or gallery of passing gods.
    the omotic languages of ethopia show only
    a fragmented connexion with their common language nauatl, the equivalent modern
    comparison would be classic latin to rap.

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