The Secret Museum of Mankind

The Secret Museum of Mankind

A site I only found this evening. Has a brilliant collection of images from the world over.

I think this Congo woman’s scarring is just beautiful, all the images are just timeless. I really reccomend a visit to the site.


America thumbnails

Africa thumbnails

Asia thumbnails

Europe thumbnails

Oceania thumbnails


2 responses to “The Secret Museum of Mankind

  1. Nice finding. 🙂

    Among all those exotic faces (some more exotic than others, sure) I found one terribly familiar: second row, last picture, the guy with the big nose, the beret and the pipe. Checked and, of course…


    Entering Spain from France the traveller comes, on passing the Pyrenees, to the coast province of Biscay or Viscaya, a district un-Spanish in people and landscape. This peasant has more Basque than Spanish blood in his veins.

  2. Great link…thanks

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