The six thousand year old mummies from Takarkori, Libya


 An Italian team is studying a two six thousand year old Libyan mummies.

Two mummies from the South Western Libyan site of Takarkori have been carbon 14 dated to six thousand years old, which are now being studied by an Italian research team. One of the mummies (aged 30 to 35) showed several health problem. Malnutrition, a healed fracture of the left ulna and an hyperostosis of the cranial vault (thickened bone).

This a a prime example of why anyone interested in North Africa needs to read some Italian publications, as well as French. I’ve discovered that there are two female mummies estimated to be about 500 years older than the black mummy at Uan Muhuggiag. It’s unclear at the moment of the mummies are accidental or deliberate, although both appear to have been deliberately interred. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of information available yet.

I’ve put a link to a translated item, Takarkori marked on the map in yellow.



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