Extension into the Sahara of the Mechta Afalou type

Extension into the Sahara of the Mechta Afalou type


Unfortunately in French, which I can understand basically. I’m a useless translator, but the gist of it Is that the North African Mechtoid population extended as far south as Mali and Niger.


It describes some of the crania from various sites. Taforalt and Afalou in particular had wide noses, and a marked prognathism, characteristics usually considered negroid (although the Taforalt mt DNA showed to be mainly Eurasian in origin), and the survival into the neolithic of the mechtoid type in the Western Sahara. It also observes the remarkable proximity of the Western Mechtoid remains to the Cro Magnon remains, with the nose being the main difference between the two, but distance to the Eastern ( Sahaba, Wadi Halfa).

From the DNA studies I’ve read the Mechtoid population seem to be a mix of ancient Eurasian traits (also the origin of the Cro Magnon population) and East African traits from the upper Egypt area. The population expansion from upper Egypt seemed to lose its strength in Morocco, and the Far Western crania show less sub Saharan influence. These people were swamped by newcomers from the near in East in the Neolithic, and possibly in an earlier expansion from the same area prior to 12,000 kya.

Anyone who can find a translation of this into English.. please let me know!


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