Semitic, Elamite and Afro Asiatic, pdf links etc

Root extension and root formation in Semitic and Afrasian-Alexander Militarev

A pdf for those interested in Afro Asiatic and Semitic. It’s for reference and not exactly light reading, so feel free to skip it without feeling guilty.


A lot more readable, about the Elamite languages and it’s proposed connection to Dravidian and Afro Asiatic. The Elamite language shares a  lot of words with Afro Asiatic, but it’s not clear if it’s from loan or a genetic relationship. the only thing really supported is that Elamites had some kind of proximity to Afro Asiatic languages to pick up the large number of words they had in common, from such a small available vocabulary for Elamite.


Looking into Elamite names, and some history of the Elamite area

2 responses to “Semitic, Elamite and Afro Asiatic, pdf links etc

  1. The second and fourth papers are certainly the more readable ones. Yet the second one is a mass lexical comparison between reconstructed proto-languages, mostly of superfamilies that have virtually no support nowadays (Nostratic, Sino-Caucasian).

    I would have really prefered a comparison with real families, such as NE Caucasian, NW Caucasian, Kartwelian, IE, etc.

  2. Vladimir Orel (Tel-Aviv) ( in russian) place Semito-Hamitan Homeland at Nile valley about 12 BP. His analysis based on “Hamito-Semitic Etymological Dictionary: Materials for a Reconstruction Author(s): Orel, Vladimir E.; Stolbova, Olga V.”

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