Chadic languages.

A collection of pdfs etc for reference.

The Westward wanderings of Cushitic pastoralists.


A paper about Afro Asiatic and inparticular Chadic. From the paper…

Chadic is clearly the most intemally diversified subgroup of Afroasiatic and perhaps for that reason might be considered as the most ancient branching. However. linguistic geography suggests rather strongly that it is indeed an intrusive group reaching the region after the establishment of the Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo phyla (see maps in Perrot 1988; Crozier & Blench 1992; Blench 1993a, 1997a). Since its nearest relatives are geographically remote (Berber or Cushitic) it has often been suggested that speakers of the Proto-Chadic were mobile pastoralists of some type.

Of passing interest is that these Chadic speakers  (like the Ouldeme and Hausa) can show exceptionally high levels of R1b, a Y chromsome derived from Eurasia, probably a trace back to the neolithic pastoralists from West Asia/Asia minor.

Having done a little quick reading on Chadic, it seems to have proto words for goat and sheep which would take it into the Neolithic for dating. Other sources I have place as a relative of Berber languages, not some ancient branch that’s been evolving in isolation for aeons.

Another pdf on Chadic.


Links between Cushitic, Omotic, Chadic and the position of Kujarge


2 responses to “Chadic languages.

  1. That graph would suggest (excluding unlikely Elamite) an origin at the middle Nile (Lower Sudan or Upper Egypt). Do you have a candidate archaeological culture for this core population?

    Of passing interest is that these Chadic speakers (like the Ouldeme) can show exceptionally high levels of R1, a Y chromsome derived from ancient Eurasia, and a little U, a mtDNA also from Eurasia in the Paleolithic.

    More than just “passing interest” to me. Sudanese and Upper Egyptian R1 is R1b and U is basically U6, what do we know regarding Ouldeme R1* and U*. Has it been ever analyzed to more precission?

    • Ashamed to admit I haven’t read it through properly. From other sources I get the suggestion that berber and Chadic are related, which would date those two langauges to the Neolithic/Capsian herders so teh Nile as a split point for Chadic isn’t impossible.

      Chadics place in the AA family tree is pretty disputed-I’m not really holding any opinions on this one. I’m pulling away slightly for a very old date for AA. I’m thinking that the SS African branches might date more to the Holocene now. My understanding of AA is a work in progress.

      As for the Ouldeme.. info in this paper. Can’t find the maternal ancestry though.

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