Dates for ovicaprines and other domesticates in Africa

Sheep and goats are not native to Africa, and are introduce into Africa at with the appearance of farming. Just a brief entry so I can find the info again. From Archaeology, language, and the African past, By R. Blench.

Sahara                       Air Massif      Adrar Bous                  5000 BC
Sahara                       Niger               Arlit                                 4300 BC
East Africa               Sudan          Esh Shaheinab                 3,200 BC
West Africa             Mali               Winde Koriji West         2,200 BC
West Africa             Mali               Kolima Sud                      1,400 BC
West Africa             Nigeria         Gajiganna                         1,520BC
Horn Africa            Ethiopia       Lake Besaka                     1,500 BC
East Africa              Kenya            Ga Ji  4                              2,000 BC
East Africa              Kenya            Ngamuriak                      1000 BC
Southern Africa    Namibia       Falls rockshelter            190 BC
Southern Africa    SA                  Ma38                                   200 AD       

And another PDF  with some info on it that includes dates for chickens, horses, etc, for reference.


2 responses to “Dates for ovicaprines and other domesticates in Africa

  1. thx mathilda for this important informations

    ancient civilizations of agriculture in Africa are noticed in the north (first time) and Sahara of africa in a second time.
    I find that the Afrocentrits were left the land of blacks to white lands for earning other points against the history of slavery

    • To be fair, while farming appears to have arrived from Asia, writing seems an independant discovery in upper Egypt, and pottery seems to get discovered somewhere around the south of Libya/North Chad area about 10k ago

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