An Analysis of Crania From Tell-Duweir Using Multiple Discriminant Functions

An Analysis of Crania From Tell-Duweir Using Multiple Discriminant Functions

Historical and archaelogical evidence suggests that the Iron Age biblical city of Lachish had a multinational population of diverse geographical origins. A multivariate analysis of crania, using canonical discriminant functions and metric variables, tends to confirm this. The approach employed stresses that population discriminant analysis studies should be both biologically and statistically legitimate. An ecological interpretation of the data suggests a research design for analyzing the affinities of cranial series. Similarities probably should be assessed in an analytical space containing the widest possible range of variation.

The conclusion

In conclusion, the Lachish series centroid plots near those of the Maghreb and “E” series, the latter’s morphometrics known to overlap with eastern Mediterranean crania. However, “Keith’s problem” is illustrated because this mean value hides the variation revealed by the analysis of the series as individual unknown crania, and shows many to have strong resemblances to more southern (both Egyptian and non-Egyptian) series even when Lachish is a choice. It is possible to say that the objective evidence does not deny an hypothesis of biological heterogeneity in some general sense at Lachish, which specific historical and archaeological data unequivocably predict. It is suggested that the Egypto-Nubian presence is supported.

Hmmm. Not supported by the teeth though, see prior entry.


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  2. mathilda37: *Your* English, OTOH, could use some improvement. Sorry, could not resist. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for many fine articles.

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    • what was the reasson for you to start this blog?

      I was keeping a general blog, but the anthropology entries just took over.. Mainly I keep it as a study record, so I can find the information easily and record my learning process. It is also an afrocentrist annoying site. I had a big argument with one a couple of years ago and it was out of that my interest in North Africa grew.

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