Just a few reading links for Afro-Asiatic

I’ve been hitting Google books-love that service.

Archaeology and Language: Language change and cultural transformation

On the work that suggests AA is associated with Dravidian and Sumerian. It comments that Afro Asiatic (not just Semitic) seems to have some very early loan words into Caucasian.

Archaeology, language, and the African past,

 pg 146 for the Militarev tree, and the other attempts at organising AA. I now feel less embarrased at my multiple attempts, as they can’t agree on anything either.

A big assed argument between Keita/Ehret and Bellwood over PAA.

One of the things I got from this was that Diakonoff also wasn’t a fan of Omotic as an AA language. Also the quotes..

Militarev’s reconstructed proto-Afroasiatic vocabulary (5), whether “agricultural” or not, is also peopled with animals and plants of Levant, not African, origin and matches a Natufian cultural landscape.


There is no significant archaeological evidence for a population movement from Africa into the Levant, whether Mesolithic or Neolithic, at the time in question. 


Which discusses how similar Semitic and Egyptian are- as I recall Ehret groups Semitic, Berber and Egyptian onto one branch with each other. Saving the lazy a long read…

Egyptian and Semitic are related languages, with astounding resemblances and disturbing dissimilarities. Their high age of attestation brings the two Afroasiatic branches closer together. But they still are separated by a prehistory of several thousand years, and it was only a comparatively short timespan, beginning with the fourth millennium, that brought them together in areal contact.

A long pdf  about the role of Semitic and Vasconic languages on Indo European.

A pdf on Cushitic

Which will have to do for now.




One response to “Just a few reading links for Afro-Asiatic

  1. I lost intrest on the Vasconic and semtic influence of IE when I saw that it hade something to do about Theo Vennemann.. he is not takes serious by almost any linguist today..
    And Vasconic languages is an unproven linguistic familiy composing Bausqe and dead relatives.

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