mtDNA diversity in Sudan (East Africa)

mtDNA diversity in Sudan (East Africa)

A major effort must be put in East and sub-Saharan African mtDNA diversity characterisation for the construction of an informative database. We contribute 102 new HVRI + HVRII Sudanese sequences. As expected this sample is highly diverse, mainly constituted of unique haplotypes (2.07% random match probability for HVRI alone), 72.5% of which belong to sub-Saharan haplogroups.

Somehow this slipped past me last year- I think because it came out in the school holidays. It’s a bit short on detail unfortunately. A bit like this blog entry.

5 responses to “mtDNA diversity in Sudan (East Africa)

  1. This is why I have beef with the earlier study that didnt include L3 as African:

    “In the sub-Saharan pool, a proportion
    of 44.6% is represented by the haplogroup L3, the ancestor of the worldwide mtDNA diversity outside Africa”

    44% is almost half. It is absurd that the previous study included L3 as “Eurasian”

  2. I wish this study categorized the Sudanese groups , like in Hasssan et al study about Y chromosome.
    I couldn’t get any clue from this study , as Sudan is a country of diverse elasticities and cultures only joined 200 years ago .

  3. I just got this email today.

    “Good afternoon

    Those Sudanese samples were collected in Dubai – Sudanese migrants in Dubai.

    Best regards
    Luisa Pereira”


    Private correspondence works a pretty well, it only took a week.

    It is no wonder they didn’t put a location on the samples. This doesn’t really help us too much but i am pretty sure these migrants are representative of the country as a whole.

  4. Igbo – where are you from?

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