Sweet poison

So, the people most likely to develop heart disease are people who have difficulty metabolising carbohydrates… so fat must be the cause! There’s been an increase in obesity since we told people to eat low fat, quick, tell them to eat less! Ignore the fact that the French eat non stop lard and have fewer heart attacks!Finally, some studies have been done into the effect a high carb diet has on heart disease and cancer. It’s not great news for Tate and Lyle .The problem with the ‘saturated fats causes heart attacks’ is it did kind of ignore that they only seem to be a problem when eaten with a lot of carbs. Also, it lumped dodgy trans fats in with ‘real’ fats. All the saturated fat stuffing low carbers seem to have exemplary triglycerides and cholesterol. (Look back a few entries in the blog). They also eat a lot more fruit and veg than most people. Anyone on a low carb diet will tell you that you get intimately acquainted with fresh salads, berries and nuts. You don’t eat as much meat as you’d think either, as there’s only so much you can manage in a day. You eat a lot of nuts as a nibble. Apparently they protect against heart disease.

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